Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in a Machine Learning World

Dave Davies 4.1K READS When thinking about the rise of machine learning as it relates to SEO, we can be faced with a frightening scenario depending on the type of SEO you are. SEOs, like myself, who are logic-based and have historically worked relying on an understanding of the signals at play and how they

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Your Rankings Have Dropped – 10 Things to Do Now

Brock Murray 8.9K READS Whether your organic search rankings are in free fall or you observe a minor position loss on a secondary keyword, no one likes to see a drop. Though fluctuations are inevitable, especially in the face of Google’s rolling real-time algorithm updates, it’s never good news when your search rankings start trending in

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5 Ways to Accidentally Hurt E-commerce Search Engine Rankings

Ron Dod 2.8K READS Organic search is one of the most important customer acquisition channels. Period. SEO can bring in anywhere from 10 to 60 percent of your overall website traffic. Therefore, it’s paramount that you avoid any potential e-commerce SEO pitfalls. E-commerce sites that lose search rankings risk going out of business. Don’t let this

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Why No Brand is Too Big for SEO

Josh McCoy 3.3K READS If you’ve ever helped lift a new brand off the ground and generate a large amount of organic visibility, you know that doing so is no easy feat. You need to build authority, create resourceful content, and instill SEO best practices. All of this takes time. Usually a lot of time. On

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 ways to balance technical & non-technical SEO

In SEO’s earlier days, technical SEO was largely about coding. For a fun throwback, check out this 2008 SEL article on search-friendly code by Jonathan Hochman, an internet marketer and computer sciences grad from Yale. Technical SEO was all about how to optimize (and often, manipulate) code, metadata and link profiles to achieve better results. And

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3 Ways a Solid Social Media Program Can Increase SEO Rank in 2017

Jasmine Sandler 1.6K READS There has been a ton of back and forth about how social media marketing impacts SEO and whether social profiles and posts can positively affect organic search rankings and visibility. Despite Matt Cutt’s famous 2014 video, in which Google’s former distinguished engineer refuted the idea that social signals were part of the ranking

source https://andlocal.org/3-ways-a-solid-social-media-program-can-increase-seo-rank-in-2017/

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in a Machine Learning World

Dave Davies 3.1K READS When thinking about the rise of machine learning as it relates to SEO, we can be faced with a frightening scenario depending on the type of SEO you are. SEOs, like myself, who are logic-based and have historically worked relying on an understanding of the signals at play and how they

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8 Places You Can Find New Keywords to Grow Your Organic Visibility

Pratik Dholakiya 1.7K READS Are you stuck in a keyword bubble? I know the feeling. You dig deeper and deeper into your keyword tools, trying to find something novel, something in your industry that hasn’t already been completely saturated, but you keep finding the same 10, 20, 50 keywords over and over again. You try scouting your competitors’ sites, but they’re

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Monday, August 7, 2017

25 Inspiring Examples of Ultra Minimal Web Design

25 Inspiring Examples of Ultra Minimal Web Design Add to Flipboard Magazine. Sometimes, less means a whole lot more! Get inspired by these ultra minimal web design examples and discover what makes them stand out. The latest web designs with loud colors, trendy headers, and stunning imagery are indeed attractive, but sometimes it’s nice to

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Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017 [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern day highly competitive environment – a website is usually the first source of information on everything, including the products or services of a company. But web design trends and techniques have been changing fast over the years amidst ever-increasing competition to catch the users’

source https://andlocal.org/top-8-web-design-trends-for-2017-infographic-social-media-today/

Why Google Won’t Rank Your Content (And Steps to Fix It)

You’ve written an article. It’s good, but it’s not delivering any results. Despite targeting a seemingly easy keyword, the content is nowhere near page one in Google search results. I was in the same spot a little bit ago after writing a lengthy article on “trade marketing,” a broad subject area with lots of searches.

source https://andlocal.org/why-google-wont-rank-your-content-and-steps-to-fix-it/

Overcoming Corporate Roadblocks for Enterprise SEO Efficacy – Moz

“You don’t have an SEO strategy problem. You have an organizational efficacy problem.” That is typically what I tell our new clients at Red Door Interactive (RDI). Poor organizational efficacy can be caused by several things, most commonly a lack of labor, a lack of knowledge, or a lack of senior executive buy-in and direction.

source https://andlocal.org/overcoming-corporate-roadblocks-for-enterprise-seo-efficacy-moz/

Mobile SEO: The 3 areas that really matter for SEO performance | Search Engine Watch

With the upcoming launch of Google’s mobile-first index, digital marketers are preparing for a proliferation of “micro-moments”. There has been a lot of noise around this seemingly seismic shift, but this trend was set in motion years ago and we have plenty of data to hand on what makes or breaks a mobile SEO campaign.

source https://andlocal.org/mobile-seo-the-3-areas-that-really-matter-for-seo-performance-search-engine-watch/

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Google Mocks SEO Experts That Place Mass Content On Footer

Gary Illyes from Google responded to a tweet last week on Twitter mocking “SEO experts” who place massive amounts of text on their footer. He said those are the same SEO experts who complaint they were hit by some sort of update. Here is Gary’s Tweet: Interestingly, mostly loud, self proclaimed "best SEOs" implement that

source https://andlocal.org/google-mocks-seo-experts-that-place-mass-content-on-footer/

On-Page Boot Camp: How To Identify Striking Distance Keywords

Businesses may operate differently based on their industry or market share, but when it comes to SEO, everyone is the same. No matter the size or the nature of your company, its website still needs to rank well on search engines, and benefit from high visibility and traffic. In this series of four short videos,

source https://andlocal.org/on-page-boot-camp-how-to-identify-striking-distance-keywords/

Google Says Sticky Footers Are OK, With One Exception – Search Engine Journal

STAFF Matt Southern 749 READS Google’s Gary Illyes says sticky footers on a website are nothing to worry about when it comes to SEO. Illyes’ advice on sticky footers, which are footers that stay glued to the bottom of a screen, was prompted by the question of whether or not they can be seen as

source https://andlocal.org/google-says-sticky-footers-are-ok-with-one-exception-search-engine-journal/

Google is Testing a Feature No One Seems to Want – Search Engine Journal

STAFF Matt Southern 2.2K READS Google is testing a new feature in desktop search that, quite frankly, no one is happy about. When Jennifer Slegg from The SEM Post reported on seeing autoplaying videos in Google search, the chatter around the web has been nothing but negative. Here is a smattering of the sentiments thus

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6 Shortcuts to Hiring the Right Web Design Expert For Your Startup | Inc.com

https://www.inc.com/jordan-kasteler/6-shortcuts-to-hiring-the-right-web-design-expert-.html On – 10 Jul, 2017 By Jordan Kasteler

source https://andlocal.org/6-shortcuts-to-hiring-the-right-web-design-expert-for-your-startup-inc-com/

4 Ways To Help Your Web Design Clients Be Successful – Krista Rae

When you got started in the design industry you probably thought all you’d have to worry about was designing websites that looked nice and made your clients happy. I don’t blame you. With the quick run I had doing design, that’s exactly what I thought. If that is the idea you started out with, I’m

source https://andlocal.org/4-ways-to-help-your-web-design-clients-be-successful-krista-rae/

3 Masterful SEO Insights That Will Change Your Life

Pratik Dholakiya 6.7K READS Some SEO insights offer incremental improvement. Others can change your life forever. We need both. But today I want to focus on three life-changing insights. As you can probably guess, these aren’t “tactics.” These are fundamental ways of looking at your discipline. You may even have heard some of them before.

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5 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid – TechGeek365

If you’re not having the results you anticipated from your digital marketing strategy, any of the marketing mistakes listed below could be the reason. Web marketing strategies can be very productive when applied in the right way, but there is a reasonable percentage of error. Any of these common mistakes can harm your online marketing

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